The Band

Nick Baker – Vocals & Harmonica’s
Steve Gallimore – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Ian Chadwick – Lead Guitar and Vocals
John Sherlock – Bass Guitar and Vocals
Phil de Jong – Drums and Vocals

Nick Baker may be recognised as tv’s naturalist du jour. But he’s also a long-standing blues officionado, having visited America many times, travelling south to jam with luminaries such as Jimmy Vaughan’s Fabulous Thunderbirds. Since joining the Skinnies Nick has been honing his lyric-writing skills and is becoming a fine wordsmith as well as a wailin’ vocalist and honkin’ harpist.

Steve Gallimore has been playing guitar for many years, starting out in the 70′s pop group First Class (famous for the single ‘Beach Baby’ although he’d hate me for telling you), touring the globe and getting into all sorts of mischief. Latterly he’s played in local functions favourites The Fireblockers. Steve has great groove and the ability to propel the band’s rhythm section forward relentlessly. He has also shown his skill in finding a killer riff and has been writing some great music in a rockular vein.

Ian Chadwick is a relative newcomer to Devon and the band, his formative years being spent oop north in Burnley. Shy by nature, he is nonetheless a GREAT blues guitar player. The tones he can find on his Gibson 335 and Marshall amp are astounding as is his use of feedback and blistering speed of brain-to-fingers co-ordination. Ian has played in many functions and bar-room bands and brings his guitar artistry to bear beautifully with this band.

John Sherlock has also been around on the Dartmoor music scene for many years. Known mainly for his work with local legends The Racket Scientists, John is a verrrry bouncy bass player who sure can bring da funk, having as he does a very deep, swampy groove and also a real joy for playing, as well as skill in arrangement and composition.

Phil de Jong moved to Devon from Kent 15 years ago and in that time has cemented his reputation as the second best drummer in Chagford! He’s played with many musicians and bands around Dartmoor, Exeter and Plymouth and rates his years with Beatles tribute Backbeat as the time he really honed his chops. Energetic, fiery and a cheerful chap to boot, Phil is a driving force behind the band also contributing some great songs and slightly risque lyrics…